Gulf of Guinea LMEThe Gulf of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem: Environmental Forcing & Sustainable Development of Marine Resources

McGlade, J. M., P. Cury, K. A. Koranteng, N.J. Hardman-Mountford, eds.

Elsevier Science. 392p






Part I. Principles and programmes

Chapter 1

The EU/INCO-DC Project: Impacts of environmental forcing on marine biodiversity and sustainable management of artisanal and industrial fisheries in the Gulf of Guinea - by J.M. McGlade, K.A. Koranteng and P. Cury

Chapter 2

A modular approach to monitoring, assessing and managing large marine ecosystems - by K. Sherman and E.D. Anderson

Chapter 3

The Gulf of Guinea large marine ecosystem project: Turning challenges into achievements - by C. Ibe and K. Sherman

Chapter 4

Consilience in oceanographic and fishery research: A concept and some digressions - by D. Pauly

Part II. Environmental forcing and productivity

Chapter 5

Variability of physical environmental processes in the Gulf of Guinea and implications for fisheries recruitment. An investigation using remotely sensed sea surface temperature - by N.J. Hardman-Mountford and J. M. McGlade

Chapter 6

Defining ecosystem structure from natural variability: Application of principal components analysis to remotely sensed sea surface temperature - by N. J. Hardman-Mountford and J. M. McGlade

Chapter 7

A multi-data approach for assessing the spatio-temporal variability of the Ivorian-Ghanaian coastal upwelling: Understanding pelagic fish stock dynamics - by H. Demarcq and A. Aman

Chapter 8

Physico-chemical changes in continental shelf waters of the Gulf of Guinea and possible impacts on resource variability - by K.A. Koranteng and J.M. McGlade

Chapter 9

Environmental variability at a coastal station near Abidjan: Oceanic and continental influence - by R. Arfi, M. Bouvy and F. Ménard

Chapter 10

Environmental and resource variability off northwest Africa and in the Gulf of Guinea: A review - by C. Roy, P. Cury, P. Fréon and H. Demarcq

Chapter 11

Monitoring levels of "phytoplankton colour" in the Gulf of Guinea using ships of opportunity - by A.W. G. John, P. C. Reid,

S.D. Batten and E. R. Anang

Chapter 12

Spatial and temporal variations in benthic fauna and communities of the tropical Atlantic coast of Africa - by P. Le Loeuff and G. S. F. Zabi

Chapter 13

The contribution of coastal lagoons to the continental shelf ecosystem of Ghana - by M. Entsua-Mensah

Part III. Fish and fisheries

Chapter 14

Fish species assemblages on the continental shelf and upper slope off Ghana - by K. A. Koranteng

Chapter 15

Analysis of the spatial and temporal variability of demersal communities of the continental shelf of Côte d'Ivoire - by T. Joanny and F. Ménard

Chapter 16

Population structure of two commercially important marine species in and around the Gulf of Guinea - by A. D. Lovell, J. M. McGlade

Chapter 17

An overview of fishery resources and fishery research in the gulf of Guinea - by M. A. Mensah and

S.N.K. Quaatey

Chapter 18

Environmental forcing and fisheries resources in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana: Did something happen? - by P. Cury and C. Roy

Chapter 19

Status of demersal fishery resources on the inner continental shelf off Ghana - by K.A. Koranteng

Chapter 20

A database for the trawl fisheries of Côte d'Ivoire: Structure and use - by F. Ménard, V. Nordström,

J. Hoepffner and J. Konan

Chapter 21

Spatial modeling of trophic interactions and fisheries impacts in coastal ecosystems: A case study of Sakumo Lagoon, Ghana - by D. Pauly

Part IV. Ecosystem health and the human dimension

Chapter 22

Environmental pollution in the Gulf of Guinea: A regional approach - by P.A.G.M. Scheren and A. C. Ibe

Chapter 23

Socio-economic aspects of artisanal marine fisheries management in West Africa - by E. Bortei-Doku Aryeetey

Chapter 24

Fish utilization and marketing in Ghana: State of the art and future perspective - by J. D. Akrofi

Chapter 25

How can collaborative research be most useful to fisheries management in developing countries - by C. Nauen

Chapter 26
Research and extension linkages in Ghana's agricultural development: The case of marine fisheries - by S.N.K. Quaatey